How to Remove Unwanted Pop Ups on Kodi Like Vshare eu pair

There are different pop-ups would arise while the user was trying to watch a movie or any other videos. The pop-ups are like servers issues and another unwanted pop-up. So you have to follow some methods to avoid these unwanted pop-ups. Actually, the unwanted pop-ups arise while the users trying to watch a movie or any other videos they will not allow watching those videos or any other tv shows through the different addons. To watch your favourite videos you have to follow the below guidance.

With the below methods, you will not get any unwanted pop up on your kodi software.So let us start the tutorial first and then we will conclude our today’s topic.

How To Remove Unwanted Pop Up On Kodi

There are different pop-ups are coming while the user wanted to watch a movie or any other videos on their kodi software. In this tutorial, we are going to teach you the most irritating pop-up and how to remove that unwanted popup by using the simple steps on your kodi software.

  1. The first thing you have to do is “Launch Your Kodi Software
  2. Then you will get “Settings” icon on your kodi home screen
  3. After selecting the settings icon you have to select “System Settings” icon
  4. Now select “Addons” option which lies left side of your screen
  5. Now click on “Manage Dependencies” which lies right side of your screen
  6. Now the “URL resolver” would appear to you just hit on that option
  7. Then chose “Configure
  8. Select any “Resolver for your
  9. You must turn it to “Enabled” Position

Now you have removed one of the most irritating unwanted pop-ups. This service can make your kodi perfect and be highly working software. Thi is one of the pop-ups and we have given the full description to remove this. This method is known as URL resolver method.

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How Does Stream Authorization Work

Stream authorization is a pop up which occur while user trying to watch a movie or any other videos through the different video addons. At those times, the user will find a pop up which says to play this video stream authorization required. At that time you need to visit the official website of the and and etc. There you will get your devices personnel IP address and then you have to pair it with the IP address. So you can get the four hours free service to watch your favourite videos and then you need to get a new IP address and then you should pair that new IP address with the IP address.

That’s it these are the pop-ups which arise frequently on your kodi software. You can remove them by using the above procedure.

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